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Do You Know Naomi Burton Crews? Get Her Bio, Age, Career, Siblings, Terry Crews, & More

Naomi Burton Crews is an American personality who rose to fame through the popularity of her famous stepfather, Terry Crews, an actor, artist, tv host, and former American footballer. 

She is also famous as the first-born child of a celebrated American actress and artist, Rebecca King who is a well-known persona and has been followed as an inspiration for many, in order to maintain a perfect balance between her professional and personal life. 

Naomi Burton Crews is not a very well-known name among the public due to her less social behaviour but as her parents are a part of the entertainment industry, Noami became a prominent part of the media. And as she is a step-daughter of famous Terry Crews, people have generated an eagerness to know about Naomi, her age, lifestyle, career, family, and many more things. So, in this article, you’ll find every possible detail about the famous stepdaughter of an American TV host. 

Naomi Burton Crews Bio

The famous American celebrity kid, Naomi Burton Crews was born and raised in the United States of America and follows the profession of a social media personality. However, her real source of success and fame is her super-famous parents. She is well-known as the step-daughter of American tv host, actor, and artist, Terry Crews. Oftentimes, she is referred to as a mysterious daughter of the American TV host.

The 34-year-old lady, born in 1989, belongs to a mixed ethnic heritage which includes ancestry from Africa and America. The girl is a follower of the Christianity religion and has been nurtured by her caring stepfather. 

Rebecca’s daughter doesn’t appear much at any functions or events and tends to be of a shy nature but we can say that she is a prominent part of the Crews family as she has made some appearances on Terry Crews’ show, “The Family Crews”. 

Naomi Burton’s Physical Appearance

Rebecca’s daughter is of African heritage which reflects in her looks and facial features. There are very few pictures of this mysterious daughter of Terry Crews available online and according to them, she has wheatish skin color, black, curly hair, and dark brown eyes. Naomi has many similar features to her mother, Rebecca King and she stands at 5 feet and 5 inches. 

Naomi Burton Early Life and Parents

The birth of this so-called eldest daughter of Terry Crews is unknown. Rebecca Kings is her birth giver but there is no clue to his real father. Her mother never revealed to the media that if she had a broken marriage or shared an affair with anyone, no one knows. 

According to some sources, which are not confirmed, Rebecca King delivered Naomi as a result of her romantic relationship with Charles Burton, but there is no proof of it. 

In 1989, when Rebecca King married the former footballer, Terry Crews, he gave his name to Naomi and since then, Noami Burton has got every affection, needed by a daughter, from her father. 

Naomi Burton-Crews Stepfather and Step-Siblings

Terry Crews is the stepdad of Rebecca’s first-born child, Naomi Burton-Crews. Since he married Rebecca King, he became the bread earner for the mother-daughter duo and provided them with every need of life. 

The former football player, actor, artist, and tv host of America, Terry Crews has a very prominent image in the entertainment industry. The fame of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”(American sitcom) has done many blockbuster films including Friday After Next, Blended, White Chicks, and Rumble. 

He has been a very prominent football player who has played in the NFL for major teams like Los Angeles Rams, Washington Redskins, and San Diego Chargers. He has also played for Western Michigan University in the WLAF(World League of American Football). 

Rebecca King and Terry Crews have welcomed 4 children from their married relationship. They have 3 daughters and 1 son, other than Naomi Burton-Crews.

Education of Naomi Burton Crews

There are very few details available regarding Naomi Burton and her education details are the ones that are presented in the media in a negligible manner. 

Naomi Burton Career

Naomi Burton Crews is a social media personality who hardly shares anything about her profession and career. We got a glimpse of her in the tv reality show, The Family Crews, hosted by Terry Crews, and also on the Terry Crews produced show named Strange Food reality show. 

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Naomi Burton Crews Net Worth

There are no details regarding Naomi Burton-Crews’ net worth of $1 million

Naomi Burton’s Personal Life, Boyfriend, and Children

Terry Crews’ stepdaughter is the mother of a baby girl named Miley Crews but, if we talk about the relationship status of this girl, then there are no details available regarding this. 

She is said to be a single mother and there are no details of her daughter’s father. She is single for now. 

Naomi Burton Crews Social Media

Rebecca King’s daughter, Naomi Burton is not present on any social media platform. 


Naomi Burton Crews, 34, is famous as the step-daughter of the famous American tv host, actor, artist, and former footballer, Terry Crews who married her birth-giving mother, Rebecca Kings in 1989. The identity of the mysterious daughter of Terry Crews is unavailable but sometimes, he is regarded as Charles Burton. Naomi is the elder sister to her 4 step-siblings. Just like her mother, Naomi has also delivered her first-born child, Miley Crews whose father’s identity is not revealed to the media. 

FAQs on Naomi Burton Crews 

Who is Naomi Burton Crews?

She is the first-born daughter of Rebecca Kings and the stepdaughter of Terry Crews.

What is his age?

She is 34 years old.

She is married?

No, she is not married.

Does she have any kids?

Yes, she has a daughter, Miley Crews.

What is the name of Miley’s father?

Not known.

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