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Is Briarwood the Best Alcohol Detox Center in Austin?

You might have heard of a lot of detox centers that have opened up in recent years. Many of them have opened up as profit seeking businesses that provide very poor detox services. In case you are addicted to alcohol or any drugs, these centers may tempt you into joining them using flashy advertisements and false endorsements. If you truly need to recover from alcohol, you need to go to the best alcohol detox center in the country. One such facility is Briarwood Detox Center.

Best Facility for Your Detox Treatment

The facility is located in a serene location in Austin, Texas and you can reach it by road, rail, and flight. What makes it special is the years of service it has provided to thousands of people across the country. The detox center provides detox treatments for various kinds of drug addictions including alcohol, cocaine, heroin, meth, crack, prescription drugs, and more. The center has installed time-tested detox practices to provide a stress free detox for all its patients. Along with this, you can get an incredible stay and food too.

Experienced Team of Medical Professionals

What runs the alcohol detox center is an experienced team of clinicians, psychiatrists, and pharmacologists. The teams have treated people in several stages of addictions and they can handle any emergency with ease. When you admit to the center, you will be given a preliminary analysis and based on your present medical condition your treatment plan will be charted out. All the medical professionals will then follow this treatment plan and provide you the necessary treatments.

24X7 Attention & Personalized Care

Your daily progress will be monitored continuously and you can contact the personnel in case you need anything. There is also a luxury alcohol detox program which you can opt for while you join the detox center. With this program, you can enjoy the best amenities during your stay at the detox center. You can have your private room, have your meals delivered to you, and even a personal healthcare manager will be assigned to you. They will guide you through the detox safely.

Individualized Attention & Support After Treatment

Also, after your detox treatments are over, you will be given a chance to participate in other therapies and counseling programs. These, along with peer support programs like group therapy will get you individualized support long after the detox is over. You won’t have to feel alone during, or after the treatments are over.

Affordable Package & Acceptance of Insurances

In case you are worried the process might cost you a lot, you need not worry. Briarwood’s programs are very affordable. In case you are employed in a company with an insurance plan in your name, you can check if the plan will cover detox expenses. Briarwood has tied up with dozens of insurance companies too. The center is always open and you can call them in case you need urgent care related to drug abuse. This is the best way to come out of your addiction.

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