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It’s our party, and we’ll do what we want! Hell yeah! What’s a party without a few blunts being passed around? Any parties get way more exciting when you get to smoke a bit of weed, no doubt about it. Throughout the ages, pop stars and Hip-Hop artists have explored the gift of weed. Many artists like Snoop dogg and Miley Cyrus have openly championed the cause of the legalization of weed. Now that most of the US states allow the recreational use (and, of course, medical use) of marijuana, people are more open to talking about it.

One wanting to experience weed might wonder if smoking is the only way to get high. The answer to this question is a big NO. If you are not a smoker and don’t want to start, don’t worry about it. You will still be able to experience the benefits of marijuana and cannabis. Continue reading to learn more.

Smoke It Up: Of course, the first option is smoking, as it is the most popular way of consuming marijuana. As mentioned before, you see celebrities smoke weed and get high in music videos and during their live concert. Wouldn’t you just love to hang out with your friends and share a blunt with them? Smoking weed will help you be loose and bond with your friends better. You will also find vaping an option when it comes to weed consumption. Vaping is said to be less harmful to health than smoking.

Canna-Oil: Cannabis extracts are mixed with essential oils to produce canna oil. These oils help reduce joint pain and relax the muscle tissues. If you suffer from chronic pain that you want to get rid of, you might want to try canna oil. Take a few drops of canna oil and gently massage the oil on your tissue. The oil penetrates deep layers of your skin and numbs the pain receptors.

Gummy Bears: Did you like eating gummy bears as a child? They come in different colors and sizes. Now, you can still enjoy the gummy bears that have cannabis extracts. How cool is it to consume cannabis-infused gummy bears? You can even order these gummies online. For example, one may use cannabis extracts & concentrates in Phoenix to learn more about their amazing products and place online orders. The recreational usage of cannabis has allowed every adult to experience the joys of consuming legal marijuana.

Capsules: If you want something quick and simple, there are always capsules available in the market. These pills will provide you with an instant high. People with medical conditions often are prescribed such pills to relieve them of chronic pain and hyper anxiety. But, those without a prescription may also purchase such THC-infused capsules, given they are of legal age. Before getting such pills, ensure the state allows users to purchase and consume THC pills for recreational purposes.

Edibles & Drinks: Some companies have infused THC, a substance found in marijuana, with different flavors of drinks. You can purchase such drinks and serve them at your house party. People who love to get high will find such an approach unique. Be sure to inform guests about the special drink containing marijuana. You can even make edible cookies and ice creams using marijuana. You make large batches of such food and store them for future use.

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