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Best Action Movie Characters (Male) of All Times

Action movie stars are admired by people all over the world for iconic movie performances, movie dialogues, and action sequences. They are the elements that make movies more entertaining through their appearance and dominating personality that distinguishes them from other movie characters. For instance, you can identify an action movie character from the way they dress up, walk, fight, and do their part in the movie. 

Have a look at the following iconic movie characters (male) who make the movies more exciting and worth watching. 

John Wick

Portrayed By: Keanu Reeves

John Wick is one of the outstanding portrayals of a ruthless hitman, who is known as a legend among gangster families. He is known as Baba Yaga or the boogeyman and is a man of focus and sheer will. He got retired after meeting and getting married to Helen who died after some time. After her death, she left him a puppy if he needed something to love and care about. 

He was living a simple life, until a son of a Russian crime family broke into his home to steal his car and vandalizes his home, injuring him, and killing his puppy. Keanu Reeves played the character of a hitman coming back to life from his retired life and taking revenge for whatever they did to his home and the gift given to him by his late wife. 

John Wick is seen as a man dealing with personal tragedies, professionalism, and inherited admiration among the assassins and the gangs operating in the world shown in the movie. You can use cable TV and internet services offered by hughesnet internet and plans and use affordable internet and TV service for your home. 

Ethan Hunt

Portrayed By: Tom Cruise

Ethan Hunt is portrayed as a skilled and experienced field agent with the IMF (Impossible Missions Force). For this, Tom Cruise portrayed the character with immense skill and unbeatable physical performance. The movie has a series of movies wherein the character has portrayed his role as a skilled leader and operative who knows how to reach his target using technology and other means. 

He is seen as a man who can go to any extent to accomplish his mission and save the world from terrorists, ruthless dictators, and criminals. 

Tom Cruise has always been the best choice for the movie and performed many of the movie stunts on his own. This proves the way he is committed to his work so that the fans get the best action-packed entertainment. This made him one of the best action heroes of the world who performs even the most dangerous stunts like skydiving, climbing over an aircraft, climbing skyscrapers in Dubai, etc. 

John J. Rambo

Portrayed By: Sylvester Stallone

John Rambo is a depiction of a misunderstood war hero and a Vietnam War veteran who relies on his training to combat all enemies, both on foreign soil and on the domestic front. He can be seen fighting a ruthless Russian general in Afghanistan to rescue Sam Trautman, the only person close to him. 

Besides this, John J. Rambo is seen as a skillful weapon specialist who can create, repair, and use almost any weapon in the world to infiltrate enemy territory and take down targets. Apart from this, he deals with post-traumatic stress disorder because of his blood-stained past in Vietnam and during different covert situations. Overall, his past forged him to be an unbreakable soul who can wreck down a fortified base and make his way out of the most complex situations easily.  


There are many iconic movie characters that you can find in American cinema who are famous for their awesome style, movie dialogues, and performance in the movies. For instance, you can follow action movie stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Wesley Snipes, Sylvester Stallone, Clint Eastwood, Bruce Willis, etc. These are some legendary action movie stars followed by millions of cinephiles worldwide. 

You can stream their movies with your friends and family using HughesNet Internet. HughesNet bundles provide users with high-speed and affordable internet services and crystal clear and cost-effective HughesNet phone service for your home.  

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