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How Spring Can Improve ADHD Symptoms in Children

As a parent of an ADHD child, you likely already know of over-the-counter medicines or remedies for mild to moderate symptoms and have read Brillia reviews and similar product information. Despite the benefits of such products, you also probably notice that in the winter months, their symptoms often worsen, and in the spring, they mellow out. While it seems strange that the time of year can affect your child’s ADHD, research supports the conclusion. 

Benefits of Outdoor Play

When spring arrives, you and your child breathe a sigh of relief as you can shut off the heat and open the doors and windows. Your little one embraces the grass and breathes in the fresh, crisp air while basking in the early afternoon sun. Spring is a time of rejuvenation, which extends to all living things.

Research supports the idea that exposure to nature, specifically green spaces, can relieve ADHD symptoms in the short term. Even 20 minutes of outdoor play can offer up to two hours of focused energy later.

Not all outdoor spaces are equal. A playground is not as impactful as a green field or backyard. Studies indicate that open green spaces, like soccer fields or open parks, are the best options for children with ADHD, but the reasons are not yet clear.

Some experts suggest taking your child to a park when their symptoms are severe. The outdoor time may help relieve the severity of the symptoms. They also recommend making “green time” a regular addition to daily routines.

Whether reviewing an ADHD in girls checklist or something similar for boys, green space therapy seems effective regardless of gender. While researchers agree that this form of exposure therapy is helpful, they do not yet understand why.

Find New Activities

While over-the-counter ADHD medication can help reduce the severity of symptoms in children, they still need constructive exercise and play to help them focus. While taking time out to play outside and enjoy the green is an excellent option, your child may want more than just a walk in the park.

The important aspect of outdoor therapy is to help your child burn off energy. Walking can help, but running, playing, or learning new skills often takes more energy and focus.

Some fun activities you can do with your child include scavenger hunts, playing music, dancing, jumping rope, hula hooping, playing volleyball, etc. Scavenger hunts are an excellent way to get your little one focused on a specific task while enjoying the outdoors.

The real beauty of scavenger hunts is that they help teach your children about project management. The hunt is about collecting a list of items or performing a series of activities, but more than that, it teaches your child to break down large projects into bite-sized and more manageable pieces.

Spring is a beautiful time to shake off the winter blues and step outside. For little ones with ADHD, the outdoors, particularly green spaces, can help relieve symptoms, making it easier to focus. Talk to an ADHD professional to learn more.

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