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Chinese AI-Based Robotics Company Flexiv Closed Series B Round $100 Million Funding

The company declared that the $100M series B fund would be used for improvement purposes on hardware and software-related work.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are the two leading industries that have made their unique place in the tech world. If Robotics is the body then AI works as its brain. This is evidenced by the Leading Robotics companies using AI to create general-purpose robots and making use of it in almost all the top industries.

Recently, FLEXIV a global leading general purpose robotics company has been funded $100M for the B series. The company says that it will use this fund to grow the manufacturing process by investing this money in hardware and software.

Flexiv is Chinese-based global robotics and AI company. Shiquan Wang is the owner of the company. It focuses on developing and manufacturing adaptive robots that integrate industrial-grade force control, computer vision, and AI technologies. The company provides innovative turnkey solutions and services based on Flexiv robotics systems to customers in a variety of industries. It was founded in 2016, it’s headquarter is in Shanghai, China. Currently, the company owns 300 employees in all convert at trading.

Furthermore, Several Investors showed their interest and finally become the leading investors of this Chinese AI-based company ‘Flexiv’ that including Meta Capital, New Hope Group with Longwood, The VC firm from china, meituan, The PE firm, YF capital by Jack Ma. GSR ventures and Gaorang Ventures are two others VC firms from china. A few US ventures also invested in the company and data has been gathered from meituanliaotechcrunch.

The company has established itself in many places including Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Foshan, Taiwan, Singapore, and Silicon Valley. The company deals with technologies such as Adaptive robots, Robotic software, and General purpose robot AI. The Adaptive Robots have a high tolerance for position variance which means they can perform tasks without being affected by the uncertainty in the position.

Additionally, adaptive robots also can reject great disturbance, they can work under uncertain environmental changes. Including previous points, it also has transferable intelligence like it can handle a wide variety of alike tasks and has the ability to categorize new tasks.

The Robotics Software platform of Flexiv helps programmers to make complex work easy by adding drop and drag visual programming, which is easy to learn and utilize. It has an embedded semi-autonomous programming module that is more suitable to program more complex tasks. In addition, it has the effortless implementation of complex force complex tasks, a Novel human-robot interface, and a user-friendly visual design.

Recently developed general purpose AI system NOEMA is developed by Flexiv, a general intelligent robotic brain that is cloud edge end adapted to all industries. Noema can grasp full information at any one time, it can analyze, learn, can solve compounded problems easily by using its technical key feature and integrated cutting-edge algorithms.

The adaptive robot is multifaceted to accomplish divergent tasks including general assembly, surface treatment, precision manipulation, mobile operation, service innovation, and far more. General assembly tasks comprise manufacturing tasks like plugging, fastening, tying, installing, pasting, loading, unloading, etc.

Its advanced hybrid motion and force control ability qualify it to perform real-time fitting for the workpiece surfaces. Additionally, its stable dynamic force control assists it to achieve great polishing performance.

As it is equipped with high accuracy and fine force sensing. Hence, it can perform the tasks like precise screw locking or fastening. It can deal with the assembly of small size and high precision force control required workpiece. Due to its excellent ductile nature and flexibility, fusing advanced AI technology, the adaptive robot can be applied to several industries to solve problems that are based on flexible business models.

In general, When we talk about manufacturing service then it is related to automotive, 3C, home appliances, furniture, aerospace, and new energy. Similarly, when it comes to service and innovation, then it is linked to customer service which includes, service modules, remote service support, on-site service, localized repair service, and diverse add value service. Etc.

Undoubtedly, Flexiv is a company that is worth investing in. 100M series B investment is going to be a great help for the company. Flexiv AI team has been working continuously in the field of research and development to bring solutions to key problems in the field of AI.

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