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6 Features to Look for When Choosing POS Software for Your Jewelry Store

So, you’ve decided to open your own jewelry store (online or brick-and-mortar). Congratulations, but now that you’ve made the decision to go into business, you will need POS (point-of-sale) software to help support your company. With the right POS software on your side, you can easily keep track of inventory and understand the inner workings of your company with little to no effort. Here are six features to look for when choosing the best POS software for your jewelry enterprise.

1.     Built-In Purchasing and Organizational Tools

As a jewelry retailer, your inventory is the focal point of your business, so you must choose jewelry store software that can keep up. When comparing software, the program you select should have a variety of built-in purchasing and organizational tools. The right software can handle complex inventory, such as products with multiple attributes and serialized items, and you should have the ability to add custom tags so you can organize items in a way you and your employees will remember.

Built-in purchasing tools, such as the ability to receive and create purchase orders without having to leave the POS system, are immensely important to have. Your software should also alert you when you need to reorder a specific item – before it runs out. Look for the following traits in a POS software program as well:

  • Item import tools to help you set up stock
  • Matrices, tags, customizable categories, and other organizational tools
  • Native purchasing functions
  • The ability to handle serialized items

2.     Streamlining Abilities

If you are like many jewelry retailers, you understand the importance of having an online store. Online stores never close, so your customers can view your products and make purchases at their own convenience. Ideally, you will want a POS software program that can streamline both your brick-and-mortar and online storefronts. If you have two storefronts, here are some software features you should look for:

  • The ability to maintain brand consistency between sales channels
  • Total synchronization between your physical and web stores
  • The ability to create consolidated reports based on sales from both storefronts

3.     Employee Empowerment Tools

Good POS software should empower and aid your jewelry store employees. Most of your customers have already researched the products they want to buy before visiting your website or store, so your employees should feel just as prepared to answer any questions. The right software will help employees provide customers with a seamless experience, and in modern times, allow employees to integrate their smart mobile devices.

Seek out features such as secure logins for every employee, customizable dashboards, efficient onboarding, and the ability to quickly fill out inventory entries.

4.     Personalized Customer Experiences

Wouldn’t it be great if you could offer all your customers a personalized experience? With the right POS software, you can. Most POS software programs now offer you the option to assemble customer profiles, including customers’ purchase histories so you can make personalized recommendations. This ability to make recommendations can have a huge impact on your customers, primarily because no matter how many times they shop with you, they can feel like a regular. Most POS systems also have built-in loyalty tools, which can be altered to your own tastes.

5.     Extensive Support

All retailers have different values and goals, so any POS software program you choose should keep this in mind. Your jewelry enterprise has its own challenges, workflows, preferences, and goals, and your POS software should support your goals. The manufacturer of the software you choose should offer you support at all times, and you should have access to excellent customer service, a variety of training materials, and onboarding sessions for managers and employees.

6.     Reporting and Analytic Functions

Historically, POS systems and software didn’t do a great job of providing retailers with an accurate and comprehensive picture of their businesses. In other words, business owners typically only had a vague idea of performance and profits, but in modern times, most store software is capable of doing much more.

To generate a comprehensive view of your business, a POS software program can generate reports that provide you with information regarding:

  • Your most profitable items
  • Top and lowest-selling items
  • Highest performing employees
  • Busiest store hours
  • Online versus in-store sales

When you have this information at your disposal, you can make better decisions as a business owner. You will also know where your company stands and where improvement is needed.

Choose the Right POS Software for Your Jewelry Store

In short, choosing the right POS software for your jewelry store is important. By keeping the tips above in mind, you can choose software that supports your business goals and contributes to your success.

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